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Find out what people say about my work...


I met Sophie through a close friend who suggested that I call her to help me through a very difficult time in my life. I had gone through a series of tests which made me weak, frightened and above all completely lost. It seemed to me that I would never leave this dark and endless tunnel again... I had several consultations with Sophie. She's a great listener, bright, gentle and attentive, and she explains with simplicity what she sees and feels. I was able to read and understand what was happening to me with a new point of view. Then Sophie carried out my disease through remote care, which she reported to me in detail by email afterwards. The energetic benefits of the treatments soon became apparent. Without being spectacular, her consultations act in depth and I was able thanks to it to cross a growth stage in complete freedom and security. Sophie also provides after-care follow-up and I was able to easily ask her all the questions that came to my mind. She always replied quickly and clearly. Sophie is for me a reliable person, who works with integrity and kindness to put her gifts at the service of others. She serves Good with efficiency and humility. I am very grateful to her for all that she has brought me and guarantee that we can speak to her with confidence.

Anne-Claire from France

I have had the opportunity several times to get in touch with Sophie for remote care. Sophie has an incredible connection. I often call her for energetic cleanses, in order to regain shape and tone. Thank you Sophie for all the good that you bring me!

Céline, Wellness Therapist, from France

Two years ago, I was going through an emotionally complicated phase in my life. I was told that Sophie could work on my problem and help me get better. Despite the distance, I could see that she had managed to perceive very personal things about me. Shortly after her interventions, I observed a positive development, a form of appeasement and lightness that I had not known for a long time. Thanks to Sophie, I really was able to take a step towards my problem and get much better. I highly recommend!

François, from France

Sophie helped me through a remote express consultation. I had a shoulder tendinitis for months due to sports and tried everything to remove it, there was no way I'd stop playing sports. A friend recommended Sophie and that was my last lucky shot.  I've never done this before but I decided to accept and try this way of healing. In two express sessions where I didn't have to do anything, I felt way better. The pain just went away. I'm amazed by the connection she can have with people. Thank you Sophie! 

Kate, from Melbourne

Image de Kira auf der Heide
Image de Mael BALLAND

Sophie is an amazing person, I was lucky to have met her and to enjoy her care.

I wasn’t really sure about my needs but Sophie made them very clear and healed me within a few days I could sense the positive impacts on my body and mind. Following up a care, I was able to sleep well again and to feel at peace with myself. I felt less stressed and I wasn’t feeling any headaches at all since our session.  I highly recommend Sophie for her kindness and goodwill approach. 

Natacha, from Melbourne

I had been suffering from back pain for over a year and a half. It happened suddenly when I wanted to pick up an object that had just fallen, I bent down carefully and when I got up, excruciating pain radiated all over my back. It was the beginning of a nightmare. Healing only naturally, I tried - and tested - everything. I have seen holistic practitioners, taken natural medicines, etc. I thought every time it was about to work out, but it didn't. I never took anything against the pain, I continued my activities without flinching, with ups and downs. It was quite disabling. I sometimes sank, but I always got up. I was going to give up and live with this nagging pain when Sophie crossed my path. I said to myself: why not? Something happened. I found a person of great generosity, with deep empathy. For the first time, someone was listening to me and taking my pain into consideration. I can say Sophie relieved me, I finally felt free from this weight. I tell her quite simply and without embellishment "Thank you Sophie".

Isabelle from France

Image de Jong Marshes

I had digestive issues for 5 years, that spiralled down into a state of chronic fatigue, mental confusion and in the end, depression. I had consulted tens of doctors and practitioners, including other ‘alternative’ therapies, but none had managed to heal me. After years of research, a friend of mine recommended me to consult Sophie, remotely. 

I must admit that Sophie’s approach was very unusual to me and at some moment I didn’t feel comfortable, especially when she had to work on my relationships with family members, including deceased ones. Regardless of this, I have been impressed by Sophie’s professionalism all along our consultations, as she went far deeper into the root causes and searched more broadly than anybody else. She has been extremely respectful and an outstanding listener. 

I am now on the mend, and even if I will probably never know what I had exactly, nor why I am feeling better, I am convinced that Sophie was a key element in my healing and support team that get me out of the hole I was in.

Olivier from Hong Kong

I am delighted when I can collaborate with Sophie to work on animals and people. And no matter the distance. She can immediately connect with the soul of the animal (and the person). Thus the animal can transmit his emotions to her (fear, stress, joy, suffering, casualness, etc.) and with confidence, he opens up easily.
Also, she is able to visualize pathogenic areas on the human or animal body. Suddenly, the need of a care seems more obvious. With Sophie, your confidence and her listening are there to relieve you.
I got her dog back, when she was leaving France. He is an animal that has had a heavy operation in its first months of life, following an umbilical hernia. Then he was found to have a heart condition. In addition to veterinary care, we brought our help, our energetic care, to restore his good health, and it was a great success!
Thanks to the good care of his mistress, this dog remained, despite his past 7 years, as cheerful as a puppy, very balanced despite his change of masters. We continue to work closely together on his health, and on other people if necessary: ​​Sophie, in Melbourne and me in France!

Michèle, Bio energetic therapist, from Morbihan, France

Image de Chen Yi Wen
About 2 years ago, we had the pleasure of adopting this big deaf cat. We had to learn to live together. He was on the lookout for a long time, and I asked The Gate to the Soul if everything was fine. So the cat told him about his life, his character, his joy and his pans. He also asked to change his name, he wanted a name of his own. Now he is completely fine and so much happier!

Aurélie from Bretagne, France

Paco was missing for 72 hours. With the help of Sophie, Paco has been found at the Rivers (in Bretagne, France). People picked it up exactly where she said he was. They went to the vet and then we finally saw him again. What a relieve. Sophie got it right. My parents and I thank her a thousand times! 

Charles from France

Chien Berger Allemand
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