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About Sophie

As you may already know, my name is Sophie, and I'm from France. I've been in Australia for more than 4 years now, and I'm grateful about helping people all over the world. 

I used to work for a veterinary. It was an important phase of my life because I realised a gift has been given to me. Actually, I noticed that animals would talk more than their owner. In fact, I remember that a couple came to us with a little Yorkshire, who had a lung cancer. It turned up that the dog told me that he was taking the poor health of his owner in order to let them live longer. He was protecting them...

After my experience with animals, I moved for a new life in Hong-Kong. This is where I realised my gift could also be used to help humans. Back then, my friend's wife had been missing for 3 days. I found out that I was able to receive information of her situation. I knew where she were, alive but asking for help, Thanks to my gift, we finally found her, and now she's more than okay. 

As surprising as those situations seem to be, it was totally normal for me. And from there, I understood that I can offer an alternative help for many disease.

Therefore, I decided to share this gift within my close family and friends. Now I want to help as many people as possible, who need this alternative help. 


What I offer

I learned how to use my Gift as Radiesthesist, Magnetist, Whisperer.

Certified in by "Bioenergy and Magnetism" in 2017.


I offer holistic care, cabalistic care, counselling care, and concomitant healing, holistic caring from the mind, body, emotions.

I've been offering my help for many years all over the world, and hopefully for many more to come.

I love doing all of this in truly helping each of you to understand and help you becoming the best version of yourself

Thank you

I'd like to thank here different people I collaborate with. 

It is always with pleasure that I call on their specific skills for an exchange of care, for joint work or for reinforcement. And this has always brought great results.

  • Sarah Decker-Rampon "Entre mes Mains", for the connection with animals . Find her here.

  • Benjamin Coutarel, kinesiologist., " Chante et Chemine".His website here.

  • Alain Sébert, osteopath. His website here

  • Michèle Picot, bio energetic therapist, from Bretagne, in France. She helped me to find my path. Please contact her through me. 

  • Céline Dutertre, bio energetic therapist, from Bretagne, in France. We've dealt with a lot of patients and experienced heaps of successful cares. Please contact her through me. 

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